, the Google-boosted data platform, is enabling new COVID-19 modeling

Health and Wellness Informatics News, the Google-boosted data platform, is enabling new COVID-19 modeling

The new dataset developed by the researchers of Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard, Northeastern, Oxford, and other academic organizations offers access to 5+million anonymized cases in 100+ countries.

Various leading research organizations for academic health have built the online data platform. It will provide the researchers with newer data tools. This is specifically for helping in the study for COVID-19 modeling.

Global. Health is billed as the first kind of new data science for the initiative. Along with its creators who are hailing from Boston Children’s Hospital, Georgetown. Also, it includes Harvard, Northeastern Oxford, John Hopkins Center, and the University of Washington.

With the support of the research of such organizations and funded in part of, the web-based repository is looking to enable more easy access for the real-time data. They also want the anonymized line-list data needed for the epidemiological study and the modeling and data visualization.

The collaboration among the public health researchers and the technology developers it is aiming to build trust with the detailed and accurate resources. This is basically for the real-time infectious data of the diseases.

After the beginning of the COVID-19 public health emergency, the major importance of real-time disease data surveillance is much more clear. Even though the potential is light at the end of the tunnel, new kinds of vaccines are rolling out each day. 

It is the simultaneous emergence of the very contagious variants of coronavirus. This is pointing towards this ongoing pandemic situation.

Also, it is benefiting the management of the SARS-CoV2 progression in the years to hopefully prevent another pandemic. As the pandemic becomes endemic, the team is going to need a very high-fidelity system. The system will capture a lot of information.

Thus the one-to-two-year plan is assuring that they have the data which is being captured as they are moving to the more complicated phase. Eventually, it is going to go back to the realm where they are looking for the age distribution, travel histories. Also, they are going to be there to track this the whole time.

The global community is hoping for investment.


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