Helio Health uses telehealth to resolve the access issues for the Medicaid population

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Helio Health uses telehealth to resolve the access issues for the Medicaid population

Helio Health's CIO is saying that telehealth is going to be part of permanent care for their model as people like it and they are comfortable with it.

The Helio Health in Syracuse, New York, is treating their patients with substance use disorders and behavioral health issues. Many times these patients face exacerbating conditions on the side of medicine. Above them, there is also a COVID-19 related threat for both the staff and patients.

Both sides are vulnerable enough, and there is an epidemic of the substance to use the disorder for the Medicaid population. The pandemic is on the top of it. Corey M. Zeigler, CIO of Helio Health, says they have purchased iPads and Microsoft Surface laptops. Also, the surface laptops went to the staff, and it gives them the mobility to work from anywhere.

Some of the patients are in residential care or transitioning from the inpatient. The iPads are allowing them to receive the services wherever they are. The team has also used the Microsoft teams as a conduit to connect with the provider and with the patients. 

This has worked as a three-part solution. As the Microsoft team with the software and the iPads in the hands of patients and laptops in the hand of clinicians, it has allowed telehealth to change rapidly.

There are many vendors in telemedicine technology and services for the health IT market. Meeting the challenge was crucial. It has also pointed to a change in Helio’s health. 

The biggest challenge was to move through the cultural change, as M. Zeiger says. The technology was not at all an issue, but patients had various queries. However, to answer all the questions, they opted for a campaign for communication support.

The biggest result is Helio health is having its access to care which is plain and simple. They have solved all the transportation issues. Last year Helio Health was also awarded $504034 by the FCC telehealth fund for the tablets, laptops, and other equipment to conduct the remote monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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