HHG watchdogs are reiterating the importance of preventing telemedicine frauds

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HHG watchdogs are reiterating the importance of preventing telemedicine frauds

The OIG is conducting significant work for assessing telehealth services during a public health emergency.

The US Department of Health and Human Service Office of the Inspector General is recognizing the telehealth potential with the cautioning. The cautioning says these steps must be taken to provide virtual care is not to be compromised with the telemedicine frauds.

The OIG Principal Deputy Inspectors General Christi A. Grimm has written that this quick pivot to telemedicine in this COVID situation offers transparency, program integrity, and accountability.

OIG is conducting significant oversight work, which is also assessing the telehealth service for the public health emergency. As it is complete, the reviews are going to provide the findings and recommendations for the objective. Further, it is going to inform the policymakers and the stakeholders to consider the telehealth flexibilities.

Grimm noted that for people, telehealth expansion is viewed on a positive note. It is also giving the potential to increase access and decrease the burdens for better care. She also pointed that the recent rulemaking in OIG has promised that digital health technologies, including telemedicine, will improve care.

Telehealth and the other remorse access technologies were a matter of convenience as the public health emergency has made them the matter for the safety of the beneficiaries. However, the advocates are applauding the statement. They are saying that they are ready to work along with the agency for the telehealth service and safe care.

Grimm also differentiated between the fraud and the tell fraud schemes. The agency has conducted investigations of the fraud schemes, which are leveraging the reach of the telemarketing schemes.

In many cases, the criminals do not bill for sham telehealth visits. The concerns about the fraud have raised many heavy conversations regarding the telehealth expansion with the members of congress and the advisory groups. 

The US Department of Justice alleged that kelly Wolfe and her conspirators had submitted more than $400 million in the illegal durable medical equipment claim for medicare.


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