HHS extends contract with TeleTracking for COVID patients’ data collection

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HHS extends contract with TeleTracking for COVID patients’ data collection

The U.S. Department of HHS renewed a contract of six-month with TeleTracking. That aims to continue reporting and collecting COVID-19 patient’s information.

The Health and Human Services department of the United States extended its contract with TeleTracking. They awarded a six-month contract with a Pittsburgh-based analytics firm to collect and report COVID patient’s data. TeleTracking will keep on working with the government to render public health officials with COVID-19 data via the HHS project. The company also made an official statement about this in a press release earlier this week.

TeleTracking co-CEO and president Chris Johnson said, “Over a year ago, TeleTracking joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic through our partnership with HHS. However, our work with federal, state, and local governments and hospitals across the country to collect patient data has played a critical role in the nation’s response to this crisis.”

Health and Human Services Protect possess a beleaguered history. Due to abrupt switching happened in the system, there has been chaos, consternation, and confusion at health systems globally. 

The contract between the government and TeleTracking got scrutinized by some media outlets and elected officials for potential politicization. Also, the motive of this was to find how the deal got struck and work proceeded after collecting COVID patient’s data.

The co-founder of the COVID-19 Tracking Projects builds in part in response targeted to President Joe Biden, marking the lack of cohesive data reporting. As per TeleTracking, the collected data from hospitals offers visibility into several areas. 

These areas also include hospitalization levels, staffing, therapeutics usage, hospital capacity, vaccinations, and personal protective equipment supplies. It also includes an in-depth study into supply and critical capacity issues.

A company’s statement followed this information informs the federal government’s decisions on how and where to mobilize resources. 

That helps to assist on the front lines of the pandemic response. Johnson says the extended contract will sort out increased difficulties in tracking patient data echoed by COVID-19 vaccine rollout. President Biden also announces the rollout date for the national vaccine finder website that would help patients and their family to file appointments.


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