Humana announces the launch of Care Support Pilot to help Medicare Advantage members with chronic conditions

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Humana announces the launch of Care Support Pilot to help Medicare Advantage members with chronic conditions

Clinician Care teams are identifying and supporting a select group of MA members who are living with multiple chronic conditions.

Humana has come up with the launch of a pilot called Humana Care Support Pilot, known as the enterprise Clinical Operating Model. Selected group of Medicare advantage members will receive this care.

Care Support comes in a customized form that is integrated and coordinated with the care management services. The care team is going to have real-time access to the medical history of a member. Also, it includes the integrated clinician workflow through analytics and data integration from the cloud technologies of Microsoft, Azure, and Power BI.

It will improve the integrated care members who are already receiving from their providers. Many of the provider partners of Humana are also in the agreements for value-based care. It is serving the Medical advantage members who are having their own care management capabilities.

Within the pilot, the teams of clinician care can identify, support, and engage a select group of Medicare Advantage members. However, it is for the members who are suffering from multiple chronic conditions along with complex heart failure. 

Also, it includes diabetes in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The team includes nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and behavioral health specialists.

The care support of Humana is helping to deliver integrated care for the Medicare Advantage members to improve the physical, social and behavioral health. More than 80% of older adults are living with chronic conditions. 

77% are living with two chronic conditions. Chronic conditions are very expensive. The Humana Care support also works with a series of simulations with the members and caregivers who are providing insight on the preferences. It is building on the previous care of Humana.

For the last several years, the company has been helping its members, which is impacted by SDOHS


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