Intermountain plans to expand their hospital home program

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Intermountain plans to expand their hospital home program

Patients from far away can now get 24/7 virtual care from tele-hospitalists, tele-nurses with the help of Intermountain Healthcare.

Intermountain Healthcare introduces its new plan on expanding its services and scope for patient’s dependent on virtual care. This hospital home program of the organization first launched the initiative back in May 2020.

At present, it serves about 12 hospitals across Utah and plans to add more locations. Remote care clinicians also expanded their offered treatment involves several acute and chronic conditions along with the COVID-19 treatment.    

As per the officials, this category also includes patients who got admitted to the hospital or entered through emergency department visits.

Patients with conditions like congestive heart failure, pulmonary disease, community-acquired pneumonia, etc., can get treatment at home.

The hospital home program enjoys a partnership with Castell. It is also the population health spinoff which the Intermountain introduced two years ago. Intermountain Homecare caregivers render remote patient monitoring equipment.

They even teach them hands-on training skills to the household members, including the patient. They schedule in-person visits as per their personalized care plans. Their plans also include lab services and mobile imaging. Family members and patients must have phones nearby throughout so that technicians and tele-nurses can notify them with new alerts.

However, Jamon Smith, director of paramedic/training at Gold Cross Ambulance, explains, “Through this innovative partnership, our EMS Rapid Response Team providers can arrive within 15-20 minutes and do a physical assessment of the patient in their home and consult with Intermountain tele-providers via video-visit to determine if the patients need intervention and can safely stay at home, or needs to come to the hospital.”

Natha Starr, DO, says, “Our goal is to be able to offer patients the right level of care in the right place at a lower cost.” Director of home services at Castell, Christine Lipson, says after the home services began, Intermountain tend to shift 1,400 patient-bed days to home for their convenience.


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