One Health is switching to the system’s data archiving strategy to migrate to Epic

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One Health is switching to the system’s data archiving strategy to migrate to Epic

The AltaMed technology includes the single-sign-on interface, which allows the caregivers to access the archived legacy information from the NextGen.

AltaMed, which is a 35-location health system in Southern California, recently made its move from the NextGen electronic health record. It has shifted to an Epic EHR, which is leaving the patient record in various systems with the data archiving strategy.

The health system wanted to turn towards the NextGen so that it can reduce the costs and the complexity of multiple systems. However, it needed to keep up with the legacy records, which are easily accessible to the clinicians. Also, it must be accessible to the healthcare information management team. AltaMed also needs to comply with the record retention requirements.

Migrating all the data to Epic was not at all feasible or much affordable. Thus the staff opted for the considerations of their options. Hence they turned to archives. They went out for the bid and chose a vendor.

They have started down the road to archive their NextGen data sources. It included the ambulatory, dental, and revenue cycle-related records. Unfortunately, the project failed to run smoothly. During the time of implementation, they found many errors in the archive data.

It also becomes much clear that the vendor could not handle the complexity of the dental records. It required extraction and migration. Since the vendor was not able to deliver the scope for work, they were quite forced to halt the project mid-stream.

AltaMed staff met with the vendor team Harmony Healthcare IT and talked about the challenges they faced. They are having much experience with the archiving of NextGen. However, they had not dealt with the odontograms before.

After some of the investigations, they agreed to take up the project with confidence. Harmony Healthcare IT worked with the unique image management for the services side. They customized their archive to store all the complex dental components which are important for the project.

The first challenge they faced was to get all the needed records from the NextGen to the archive. It ensured secure storage and access to all the data. The team experts of Harmony played a much crucial role in the accomplishment of the collection. It was effective and efficient.

They did the entire work without wasting any time. The day-to-day use of the Health Data Archiver is having a relationship with the clinical and HIM teams. There is also a better workflow for the Release of the Information.

It has resulted in bigger cost-saving. It has helped in the decommissioning of the old EHR and quit paying monthly maintenance fees. The accuracy of data is also very critical here. They have a robust validation process from both sides to verify that the patient data is accurate.


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