Patient ID Now coalition introduces a national strategic framework to assure patient safety

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Patient ID Now coalition introduces a national strategic framework to assure patient safety

Patient ID Now has a coalition of over 40 healthcare organizations. It released a framework that aims to create a national strategy for protecting patients’ identification.

Patients ID Now takes the initiative to increase the security and safety of their patients. They release a national strategic framework around patient identifications. This coalition currently possesses over 40 healthcare organizations that aim to increase their responsibility towards their patients. The coalition calls on the federal government that collaborates closely with private sectors and other public health authorities.

The president and CEO of Healthcare IT News parent company HIMSS state the urgent need to protect patient identification. As per him, the incapability to match patients accurately with their records causes a huge problem. He adds, “The framework lays the foundation for a national strategy that saves lives while protecting a patient’s choice and privacy rights.”

Inaccuracy, safety issues, financial burdens, and security consequences become a fraught issue due to COVID-19 vaccine rollout effects. Health systems and hospitals recently reported duplicate records and mistakes in administration data. Also, other issues costing thousands of dollars to rectify.

The national strategic framework points to various components like privacy, match rates and accurate identification, standardization, security, interoperability, and portability. It also includes integration with current systems, sustainability, and governance, data quality, inclusion, and equity.

The coalition’s recommendations include providing guidance and standards on the math of error rates. Along with that, leveraging private and public sector resources to address patient privacy. Ryan Smith, the Intermountain Chief Information Officer, says, “This essential but missing functionality would add significantly to providers’ ability to manage care safely, and if it were in place, it would assist in effectively battling the coronavirus.”

The workgroup formed back in January, while several industry groups have been exercising the patient-matching challenge for decades. It was in July 2019 when the AHIMA and CHIME called on lawmakers for forming a unique patient identifier. The House of Representatives in July 2020 made progress in this matter.

Premier Inc. senior vice president of public affairs, Blair Childs, explains how this advancing policy introduces in the framework can improve the overall public safety and the nation’s pandemic response.


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