Preferred Behavioral Health Group from New Jersey has moved 85% of its services via telehealth

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Preferred Behavioral Health Group from New Jersey has moved 85% of its services via telehealth

According to New Jersey's Preferred Behavioral Health Group, training is the key to teamwork.

Preferred Behavioral Health Group, from Lakewood, New Jersey, works as a multi-site outpatient behavioral health organization. It provides adult mental health services along with youth and family services and substance using services. It has the mission to deliver better quality and much compassionate behavioral telehealth services. The services are also going to be available for individuals and families with the trauma-informed care philosophy.

The vision of PBHG is to be the center for excellence, which is more focused on innovative and integrated wellness with compassionate care. It is promising with the change for the lives and for saving more lives using their strength-based approach. This group is partnering with the individuals to help in achieving their full potential and enhance their way of living.

The group is providing services with more than 30000 clients who are operating with the majority of services in Monmouth and in Ocean Counties in New Jersey. The employees of PBHG are more than 450 who are certified and professional staff.

In the March of 2020, New Jersey opted for the shutdown due to the pandemic. PBHG was facing a pandemic and problems in providing healthcare services to their clients. New Jersey at that time didn’t allow for telehealth services as the means of delivering healthcare. The state and the federal governments also opted for the approval of telehealth services due to the pandemic. PBHG grabbed the opportunity quickly.

The team opted for putting together the team with the individuals from billing and corporate compliance. Also, they opted for the revamp of the electronic health record system in the clinical service areas. The Qualifacts are also going to be able for the transition of the telehealth services.

Polled led the team with the included IT and finance. It got applied for an FCC telehealth grant. PBHG got the award of $420675 for laptops, phones, and remotely accessing software for offering video and voice consultations. This is for the proper conducting of the remote monitoring of the patients under treatment for the mental health and substance-using issue during the pandemic.

The fund has allowed buying more new equipment, and clients can now reconnect with their clinicians. PBHG is now into the year of two for operating with the “pandemic mode” and having the recovery with the pre-pandemic volumes in many areas.


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