President Joe Biden’s plan for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic on the first day

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President Joe Biden’s plan for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic on the first day

President Joe Biden Comes up with his special plan for the controlling of the pandemic as he starts with his administration. He has issued $20 billion for the vaccination and $50 billion for making the tests happen properly.

As Joe Biden, elected as the president of the US, he was sworn in to his office today. They started with quite an aggressive agenda as a president to control the COVID- 19 pandemics. The agenda includes a number of orders for executives to make the plan for controlling the COVID-19 more effective.

The first one is the mandate of the national mask on the federal properties like airlines, trains, and other public transports. However, the second executive order on Wednesday is going to create an office of White House COVID-19 response. Jeffrey Zients is going to head this new coronavirus czar. The plans also consist of the maintenance of more protective equipment for the workers. This includes the increased amount of tests and vaccinations and the reopening of the schools.

The initial 100 days of the presidency of Biden includes the pushing of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. Also, this requires the investment of $20 billion for the vaccination program nationwide and $50 billion for conducting tests.

As the US is reporting 24 million cases of COVID-19 with 400000+ deaths, Biden takes office. The former president Donald Trump left the White House on the morning of Wednesday. His accomplishment includes the development of the coronavirus vaccine within record time. However, the federal government fell short of its aim when it is time for vaccine implementation.

The Operation Warp Speed official promises to deliver the 20 million dose by the end of 2020. However, only 31161075 doses, delivered as of Tuesday.

Doses held back, as each of the vaccines requires a shot of a second booster. Last week, Alex Azar said no does are going to be held in reserve. There was a sufficient supply of the doses. Also, more would be available for the second dose after 21-28 days.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are having a seven-point plan to beat the pandemic. The plan is also going to double the testing and investment along with proper control over the disease.


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