Renji Hospital comes with the launch of the blockchain-based IVF service app in China

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Renji Hospital comes with the launch of the blockchain-based IVF service app in China

The MyBaby app enables the verification of the key steps in IVF.

Renji Hospital is a general hospital in Shanghai. It has recently launched a blockchain-based IVF service app in China. It is having the name MyBaby which is having a partnership with global blockchain platform VeChain and DNV.

This IVF service tool includes the professional assurance service of DNV. This service also combines with the blockchain technology of VeChain. MyBaby is allowing the users to view and track this extraction, labeling, and scoring of all the eggs. At the same time, it facilitates the cultivation and preservation of all embryos.

The company said in a joint statement that all the information, data, and imagery that are trailing are completely secure. It is also getting upload on the VeChainThor blockchain. It is only able to be accessed through an authorized user of the MyBaby app.

As per the press release, MyBaby is capable of resolving any kind of privacy-related concerns. It ensures complete privacy-related concern about all the sensitive medical data. All the cryptographically secure properties of the technology for blockchain can create an effective environment. This environment is also completely secure and reliable, which can effectively enhance the user experience. It adds more value to the field of IVF care.

This MyBaby app enables the verification of the Key steps in the IVF process. It also offers more private and exclusive, end-to-end data access. This is highly beneficial for the prospective parents who are undergoing complete treatment.

This is not the first time for the Renji Hospital, VeChain, and DNV to collaborate on a project. Last year they combined came up with the launch of the blockchain-enabled Intelligent Tumor Treatment Centre. It also came up as a medical management solution that enables complete patient ownership for personal medical records.

Blockchain also provides a much secure way for storing all the exchange of patient data for the healthcare system. The usage of the blockchain matures with the potential isolation for health data. The application for AI is also gaining its ground in the IVF sector.


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