Saudi Arabia partners with Philips to leverage the country’s mission and become the leader in AI healthcare

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Saudi Arabia partners with Philips to leverage the country’s mission and become the leader in AI healthcare

Saudi Arabia partnered with Philips for the agreement to enhance the quality of health services and to create new job opportunities.

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority opted for its partnership with the Royal Phillips. However, this is to support the Kingdom’s goal to become the leader in driving artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The latest agreement reportedly compromised with Philips combining the AI healthcare with the in-depth knowledge for clinical and operational context. This is also aiming to make the healthcare technology reach the top for Saudi Arabia’s data scientists and healthcare professionals. This is to assist them with more advancement in healthcare for the citizens.

As Saudi Arabia is witnessing a thorough developmental renaissance with Vision 2030 in all the sectors, the technology-related fields are coming forth. According to Abdullah Bin Sharaf Alghamdi, SDAIA, the National Strategy for Data & AI is looking to utilize the data potentiation of the data and AI support in relevant sectors.

This agreement is part of the country’s efforts to promote the advancement of technology in the health field. Also, it supports the expertise in the exchange and developing the national capabilities. It is rightly going to enhance the quality of the health services. It will also create more job opportunities to elevate the national economy to make the economy AI-driven.

To create the AI ecosystem for Saudi Arabia’s health sectors, SDAIA is outlining the key areas as per the latest partnership. However, the main focus is on Philips to help the AI Capabilities in healthcare on a national scale. It will also establish a dedicated AI knowledge Hub first and expertise the development of local AI applications.

It will also prioritize the introduction of health technology solutions that will integrate with the AI into clinical workflows. The partnership is also offering access towards the key opinion for the leaders of Philips’ top-level partners from the exchange of knowledge.

They are positive about this collaboration. As it is going to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.


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