Sentara Healthcare offers security to the apps along with the shielding technology

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Sentara Healthcare offers security to the apps along with the shielding technology

Sentara now does not move anything to the cloud without the shielding, which is instrumental with their seamless step to the cloud and digital transformation, says CISO Dan Bowden.

In 2018 Sentara Healthcare, health system came up with the adoption for the consumerization of the digital transformation strategy. The patients are skilled enough to use the technology to access the various retail services. Therefore, they can use their mobile phones for self-diagnosis purposes and those who are looking for healthcare services.

Dan Bowden says the good news about telehealth adoption is the home health along with wearables and fitness apps to explode. However, the challenge goes for the longstanding health system with the asymmetric competitors specialized in their consumer platforms.

The 24/7 connected culture adds up to the culture. The great news about Sentara is it works as a new digital platform along with the telehealth service. Also, it works to cope up with the pandemic situation with the shielding technology. However, the massive cyberattack threats work as a great reminder to focus on the security of digital assets.

Bowden explains that the public cloud for the developed web application along with the core infrastructure makes the responsibility division more important. 

Also, a healthcare organization is going to run the shared-governance model where the cloud provider comes responsible for securing the patching in the environment. The problem is the application vulnerability testing along with the remediation. WAF- web-app firewalls are also an important area to check on.

The primary concern for the CISO is the hiring of large teams for the developers. While presenting the identified risk near the executive team, it needs to be clear with two risks. Also, the history of the software and the Internet says that it is quite guaranteed for the vendors and third parties.

In the healthcare system sector, CISO discusses all the risks with its term of impact and likelihood. Thus the innovation of Redshield in 2018 came up with the Virtis. Sentara Healthcare is using RedShield to develop apps and outsource the hosted apps. It has added Sentara the efficiency and speed with the cloud migration with the best security.


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