Serbia reaches up to one million of vaccination along with the help of the AI framework

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Serbia reaches up to one million of vaccination along with the help of the AI framework

Greece, Israel, and UAE are recognized for the vaccination distribution of framework.

Serbia opted for adapting an approval of the mechanism for the vaccinations with their AI framework. This also gives the citizens more options to choose the vaccine they want to have and in which location they want the vaccination.

Therefore, this is making Serbia the only country globally where citizens can choose the type of vaccine from the shots- Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik, or Sinopharm.

According to Vukasin Grozdic, the advisor of the prime minister, the effectiveness of this vaccination framework is going to approach largely with their decision to rely upon technology. The campaign of vaccination was also planned and prepared in advance with the technology orientation in December 2020.

Serbia reengineered the process with the building of software which has sped up phase three time. It is also considering the preference of the citizens. They are also having the implementation with a new vaccine delivery of scheduling with the digital platform. 

They names it the System for immunization management of the Republic of Serbia. It is also helping in monitoring the immunization for each of the citizens in real-time.

In the Balkan country, 400000 people got infected with Covid-19, and 4056 died. According to the data, Serbia ranked seventh globally and second to Europe on the list of countries with the most people vaccinated against COVID-19.

More than one million people in Serbia are now receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The prime minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, said that they are opting for the unique approach. It will give the citizens of Serbia the freedom to choose as the means for enhancing public trust. 

And it is also consequently boosting the rate of immunization. Greece, UAE, and Israel all have been recognized for the distribution of this framework.

He explained that this solution is the result of the extensive focus that they are putting on for the past four years. The digital government, along with digital education, is opting for the digitalization of the economy. digitalization


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