South Korea publishes new guide for the use of AI in healthcare

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South Korea publishes new guide for the use of AI in healthcare

The guide that South Korea has published is now providing questions to ask while discussing the application of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

A global guide on the quotations about the use of AI in healthcare is now surfacing in South Korea. Three organizations came forward for collaborations to develop the guide “Using AI to Support Healthcare Decisions: A Guide for Society”. The organizations presented this guide during the 2021 special Interest Group of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference.

This guide is focusing on policymakers, patients, clinicians, journalists, and decision-makers. This guide is offering three guiding principles. It is also questionable to assess the quality of technology. It also includes the understanding of the base data of AI. 

Moreover, it also talks about the assumption of AI about patients and diseases. Also, this guide discusses how much decision weight the healthcare sectors can weigh for an AI recommendation.

This guide has a specific design to serve as a benchmark for the usage of AI technologies. At the same time, it promotes clarity and higher standards for technological applications in the healthcare sector.

While making this guide, the collaborators consulted with the experts from KAIST Graduate School of AI, Asan Medical Centre. Also, they got help from the Science and Technology Policy Institute and a variety of AI Companies.

AI has shown a much promising value over time. Though there used to be many confusions and fear regarding its application, it has overcome everything successfully. Rather than shunning the innovative tools, the author of the guide shifted the focus to the right questions about the standard of AI.

Also, the guide authors said that AI-related questions are aiming to transform the conversation around it. It wants people to have more confidence in the technologies which can improve medical treatment. 

The guide is also emphasizing the importance of asking questions for AI applications in healthcare. AI is giving rapid development and helping to make the rise of the use cases within the providers. Asking these questions can also ensure the proper use of AI. Moreover, the application of these questions can help societies to ensure the good use of AI data and knowledge.


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