Sunway medical center of Malaysia launches Telemedicine Command Center

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Sunway medical center of Malaysia launches Telemedicine Command Center

Malaysia is expanding it's telemedicine footprints. A leading healthcare provider announced a command center for telemedicine services.

Sunway Medical Center, a private healthcare provider, works under Sunway Conglomerate Company of Malaysia. They have launched a command center for telemedicine services at the starting of this year, along with their announcement. This command center is working from the Sunway city at Kuala Lumpur. It also has a medical center at a velocity in KL and in Singapore.

The first phase of this Telemedicine Command Center came up with the first level of healthcare advisory for service for the patients. The center strives to operate with 24×7 service. Patients can call or send emails to reach out to them. Also, it integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

As it receives an inquiry, the nurse or medical officer is going to provide advice for consulting a specialist. In case the patient agrees, the team also goes on assisting in making an appointment with the consultant.

The plans for the future also include the connectivity of the Telemedicine Command Center to other hospitals, universities, research centers, and medical, educational programs. Also, it is planning to take part in the medical discussions, meetings, and various conferences that can take place for education and consultation.

The private healthcare groups in this region came up with their telemedicine service to help in this COVID-19 affected situation. This recent increasing cases of COVID in Malaysia, along with the Movement Control Order in the country, gives telemedicine utter significance.

In April of last year, the Royal College of general practitioners in the UK came up with the reports that the doctor is seeing 7% of patients face-to-face. The rest 80% of patients are checked with the telemedicine process. Countries like Indonesia, Thailand also adopted this method. To go compatible with the social distance, the acceptance of telemedicine is quite high, as Dr. Seow Vei Ken, Medical Director of Sunway Medical Center, says.


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