Teladoc and Microsoft is about to team up for an integrated virtual care

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Teladoc and Microsoft is about to team up for an integrated virtual care

Teladoc and Microsoft have announced this week that the solo platform of teladoc will be accessible within the environment of Microsoft Teams.

Teladoc Health and Microsoft have announced this week that they are teaming up to offer integrated virtual care. It will benefit the health systems and the hospitals. Teladoc will offer its Solo platform through the Microsoft Teams environment.

This collaboration is also aiming at the streamlining of the telehealth technology and the process of administering.

This ability to have acids to the Teladoc Health Solo directly through the Microsoft Teams will allow the clinicians with better opportunities. It will also offer them a seamless transition between the business and the variety of clinical operations. It will free them up from the administrative tasks. Also, it will enable them to practice at the top of their licenses.

The market is demanding for this collaboration to exist. Hence, they are looking for innovative ways to improve patient care. It will also increase their health system efficiency.

The pandemic has pushed many of the hospitals and the health plans to remote working and telemedicine. Many of the systems have turned to the Teams to connect the clinicians and the patients through videos.

Now integrating with the Telaedoc’s Solo platform into the Microsoft Teams will help the clinicians to access the clinical data. They can also access it from their electronic health record system. Also, they do not have to leave the Temas environment. This feature will be available from next year.

Microsoft and Teladoc Health will be a very powerful combination for the health systems. They will deliver what the health systems the hospitals want. The result will also be very integrated, which will make virtual care available in their everyday workflow. This collaboration is having its focus on taking the aligned strategies and delivering the last mile of health care.

There is uncertainty in the future of telehealth after the COVID-19. But it has not stopped some of the companies from exceeding their limitations. Many of the big retail chains have made the biggest bet on telehealth. It will help to deliver better healthcare.


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