Telehealth can increase nurse workloads with the in-home monitoring systems

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Telehealth can increase nurse workloads with the in-home monitoring systems

The use of in-home monitoring for the Type 2 diabetes and hypertension patients are leading to twice as many activities that the nurses complete.

A study published in the Western Journal of Nursing Research has found that the patients are using in-home monitoring systems. These are especially in use for blood glucose and for blood pressure level recording. Relying upon telehealth to manage Type 2 diabetes and hypertension can heighten the workloads of nurses.

At the same time, the researchers are also noting that the enhanced rate of communication can result in a better health outcome for the patients. According to Chelsea Howland, a doctoral student, it is coming up as a new and innovative use of technology. It will help people to manage their chronic conditions to let them have a healthier life.

As telehealth becomes more popular, it can make the health behavior intervention tools more effective. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the strain it is putting on the nurses who are going beyond above to make it possible. The study, which was first published, has examined the electronic health record data from Type 2 diabetes patients.

As per the research team of Howland patients, self-management with in-home technologies can allow for more changes. At the same time, the study says that the incorporation of home-based technologies in primary care clinics is important. It helps in recognizing the role of the registered nurses in interpreting data. Also, it helps in communicating with the primary care provider with the implementation of changes to this patient care.

Nurses are more integral to the management and for the analysis of the home-based technologies. The study is relying on EHR data from a small number of patients. Researchers have found that the patients in the in-home monitoring group, on average, received nearly twice of nursing activities.

Most of the activities are for the in-home monitoring group. It also includes the blood glucose data in the EHR. At the same time, it is coming with the medication adjustments with the notable blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

Although the technology is being in use to improve patient care, it can also contribute to clinician burnout. According to a recent study, nurses gave EHR an F grade. Poor usability is also associated with nurse burnout.


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