Telehealth is helping Lynn County hospital district to improve its care access to avoid ER visits

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Telehealth is helping Lynn County hospital district to improve its care access to avoid ER visits

Along with virtual care in rural Texas, provider organizations are now cutting their costs and saving the patients from having to take off days to see a doctor.

Lynn County is a rural area from west Texas. The county comes with four incorporated towns like Wilson, O’Donnell, Tahoka, and New Home. The county consists of a population of 5915. It is improving the care access to avoid ER visits.

Lynn County Hospital District is having its headquartered in Tahoka, the county seat. The hospital serves Lynn County, Borden County, and Garza County. The Lynn County Hospital in Tahoka is a critical access hospital.

However, in an effort to offer more accessible healthcare to Lynn County and in the other surrounding counties, LCHD applied and received grants for establishing telehealth hubs in Lynn County.

One of those grants managed to come from the Federal Communications Commission. In the middle of 2020, LCHD also got the award with $ 127980 from FCC’s telehealth funding program. They received it for connected devices, a portable Tele clinic briefcase, with a telehealth platform. 

Other telehealth equipment is going to decrease its patients and healthcare workers with the exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It is also reducing routine patient visits to the hospital. Also, it is allowing for more continued patient care. Therefore, it is decreasing patient traffic and healthcare worker caseloads and reducing PPE use.

LCHD is now working to secure all the agreements with several specialists who are thinking of using the telehealth system. Moreover, the correctional facilities providers can also get contacted at any time. It can prevent an inmate from getting physically removed from the confinement and taken to the ER or to a specialist.

This is now saving the county tax dollars, which is going to require to escort an inmate, according to Richburg. As for the long-term care facilities, the providers are also easy to get contacted when a resident is having a problem. It is also going to reduce the issues for waiting as the provider makes monthly rounds or having the residents go into the ER.

As patients come into the COVID-19 Using at the hospital, the telehealth unit is going to allow the ER provider to assess them properly without any cross-contamination. LCHD is also awaiting the disbursement of the funds from its second grant from USDA. It is for purchasing more telemedicine units along with the StarLeaf virtual care software.


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