Telehealth to become a permanent part of care for Boulder Community Health

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Telehealth to become a permanent part of care for Boulder Community Health

The health system is achieving success with telemedicine and remote patient monitoring due to the pandemic. The clinicians and the patients are liking it, and the plan is expanding for more new virtual care projects.

Before 2020, Colorado’s Boulder community health opted for the infrastructure in the place to support telehealth. However, it struggled to gain adoption due to the limited provide and demand of patients. Many of the community members prefer to have face-to-face visits or a simple phone call.

There were certainly a limited number of providers and patients who would prefer telehealth for healthcare. Thus the efforts of the health system of their launch program got limited success.

The COVID has changed everything. It has brought about the greatest impetus for telehealth which is seeing rapid growth. During the past years, there was a decline in the overall visits, though the care was necessary.

Telehealth was much critical for connecting them with the patients to continue the health maintenance even at home.

In March 2020, it became clear that Covid-19 entered Colorado. Hence the institute immediately stood up for the new analytics to measure the prevalence of this deadly virus. They opted for configuring their electronic health record for guiding the most up-to-date, evident-based care. Also, the nurses and the doctors adopted the necessary means for caring in this way.

The health system moved all its businesses to support the employees having their work from home in a week. At the same week, it stood up to enable the telehealth capabilities to ensure that the most vulnerable patients are getting home-based care.

It opted for working with other organizations. The authority reached out to the nearby hospitals to initiate a data-sharing initiative. It has allowed them to see how many ventilators and ICU beds are available in real-time. This has become helpful for transferring the patients to other facilities to save their lives.

They opted for creating a new drive-through COVID testing clinic with the proper technologies for mobile devices.

During the time of vaccination, the Boulder community also opted to contact the community members. Their telehealth efforts are having phone visits, ad-hoc visits, remote patient monitoring, and scheduled video visits.

Even if there is early access, the Boulder community still has to solve all the challenges on-demand for telehealthcare. According to Jefferies, the greatest achievement for the telehealth efforts from the past year at the Boulder community is better maintenance.


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