Telemedicine is quite effective for diabetes management in KSA and UAE

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Telemedicine is quite effective for diabetes management in KSA and UAE

A new report from the EIU shows that the new hybrid models for the care, which involves in-person care and remote care with real-time care, will emerge more post the pandemic.

Telemedicine consultants can become the key to addressing the growing cost of diabetes management and treatment in KSA and the UAE. A new report has found it. The Economic Intelligence Unit has published a study in 2020. It shows that the number of telemedicine clinics for patients with diabetes in these two countries will rise to 90%. Before the pandemic, the growth was 10% per year with the largely underutilized practice.

It is projecting that lockdown restrictions are easing; a new hybrid care model will become the new norm for diabetes management. It will apply to the GCC territories. A balance is about to be set between the in-person and the virtual appointments. Also, it has been easier with the introduction of the self-monitoring tools.

As per the reports, the Government of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is experiencing a growth in the incidence of diabetes. The gulf countries are about to become the home for some of the highest rates for the condition in the world.

Online telemedicine not only plays a very important role, but also it is very cost-effective. It is time-efficient also. The majority of those who have surveyed it report a high level of satisfaction with the virtual care sessions. However, telemedicine is essential for them to maintain glucose control.

Telemedicine supports psychological wellbeing throughout the events of the pandemic. It has reduced the depression and anxiety among the patients regarding diabetes.

It has become more like an imperative for national health. Also, it fits the healthcare budget. At the same time, it is quite innovative and sustainable with the management and the prevention tools. Though there are several challenges, the report says that diabetes management is here to stay.

The indications also suggest that this new hybrid model of the car will emerge in the future. It will involve in-person care, a predictive model supporting real-time care, and remote care.


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