The automating of high-level healthcare tasks can come with the high-value savings

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The automating of high-level healthcare tasks can come with the high-value savings

The massive amount of data available in healthcare comes as a prime area for artificial intelligence and machine learning automation.

Along with the recent influx of data across the industries of healthcare, it is time to fully incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning with it. 

According to toe Brandon Sim, the chief technology officer, and chief operating officer at ApolloMed, this is very important for the recent CMS regulations. This will force the electronic health record companies. This is for sharing their data for more reasonable access.

The further implementation of these technologies in healthcare is able to advance preventive care. But for this, it is important to adopt a high level of AI and ML processes. 

This is also important for the health system executives, which is required for the automation implementation. This is important to figure out the use of the patient population. As, the tech developers need to work for the better building of the solutions.

However, according to Sim, there are different types of tasks that can be assisted with automation on a low-level and high-level tasks. 

On the lower level, there are reputative duties that are currently getting conducted manually with the revenue cycle management workflow. Also, it includes the prior authorization with the credential providing.

The high-level healthcare tasks automation, on the other hand, also involves assisting in the care for the management and coordination. This can analyze the swaths with the anonymized patient data. This is for satisfying the risk and to take action for the AI-led robotic surgery care.

The improvement of the algorithm for the high-level functions also comes with many health systems that did not choose Al and ML.

As there is no way to see how the algorithm makes the decision, it can be challenging to provide. As the algorithm becomes more reliable, it is going to be variable for the high level of automation tasks, which is an essential forward step according to Sim.


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