TIBCO powers up data integration in AI platform of Singapore’s NUHS

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TIBCO powers up data integration in AI platform of Singapore’s NUHS

The analytics solution of this American firm will enable the platform to stream data in real-time in the hospital group.

TIBCO, a California-based enterprise data company, has delivered us analytics solutions to power up the AI platform at NUHS in Singapore. This health system has employed four TIBCO solutions. It also helps to support the integration of real-time medical data from EMR systems.

These solutions come with BusinessWorks. The BusinessWorks software enables the easy implementation of the application strategies with the use of both traditional enterprise integration patterns and the innovative cloud-based API. The API-led approach also features micro-services and containers.

Streaming, on the other hand, is a high-performing system for rapid building application. It also helps to analyze and act upon the streaming data. Messaging platform offers a comprehensive messaging portfolio in a single and integrated platform. The Spotfire, on the other hand, comes in the form of an analytic tool that enables users to explore and discover the data with an impressive dashboard. It uses advanced analytics.

The TIBCO solutions have enabled the Endeavours AI platform. It helps to stream live data, which gets implemented into AI models. It also helps to produce more actionable insights. The AI platform of the hospital combines a variety of AI tools. However, it offers aggregated predictions and better visualization insights. It ultimately enhances patient care and services.

These AI tools include different patient information. This information includes lab data, demographics, and prescribed medications. They have slated up to 150 distinct AI and automation tools. They have also deployed it in the form of micro-services on Endeavour AI.

According to NUHS, its AI platform can seamlessly predict the length of hospital stay for a patient. It can bring significant cost savings. Also, it started with the aim of developing breast cancer detection rates. It identifies and predicts the risk of breast cancer in admitted patients.

A team of NUHS neurosurgeons has demonstrated the use of holographic technology. It also helps to locate brain tumors during surgeries. This demonstration is a part of an ongoing research program. It helps to explore the use of technology in clinical care.


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