Truveta, formed with the big 14 health system, which is aiming for the AI-powered data advances

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Truveta, formed with the big 14 health system, which is aiming for the AI-powered data advances

AdventHealth, Novant, Providence, Advocate Aurora, Northwell, and Tenet are some of the major providers who are collaborating for the new data platform.

Its goal is to improve health equity and the advanced personalized medicine system.

More than a dozen major health systems, along with the millions of patients in 40 states, are banding together to launch Truveta. It is also a new data-focused tool based on the collaborative approach for precision medicine and the population of health.

Some of the biggest and the most recognizable providers in the U.S. came together to launch the Seattle-based Truveta. It draws vaster troves of the normalized and de-identified data. Also, it focuses on privacy and security protections. Truveta is going to leverage machine learning to help the datasets for gaining better insights at a very significant scale.

The goal is to target more innovative care delivery and spur the development of new therapies while leveraging billions of clinical data points. The platform also includes the normalizing of the structured and unstructured data from the major health systems. 

It seeks to drive more approaches for diagnoses, geographies, along with demographics. Alongside automation technology, Truveta is going to deliver continuous learning for researchers, physicians, pharma developers, and others.

Truveta is going to be board-advised for ensuring a large number of perspectives. While announcing Truveta platform, the health system behind it pointed the ongoing COVID-19 crisis as a lesson for data-driven research. However, there are more insights gained from the mining of large and diverse datasets with better answers.

Hopefully, the co-operation of these 14 health systems is going to participate in Truveta. It can offer a better source of data from a wide range of geographic footprint to enable advancement. It will ensure integrity with AI-powered data advances. As the studies show that the under-developed and potentially biased models can worsen the situation.

According to Lloyd Dean, the future of health care is collaborative, and they have a unique opportunity to rebuild the health care system. It is much better and stronger and much responsive to meet the needs.


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