U.S agencies warn of Russian stake hackers, Australian hospital is struggling to get back online

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U.S agencies warn of Russian stake hackers, Australian hospital is struggling to get back online

Mourners are remembering Kaminsky. The white-hat hacker who died this past week.

Another new healthcare breach has taken place. Again there is threatening news of ransomware attack or a looming cybersecurity breach. In the past few days, U.S Federal agencies warned about the continuing danger of the Russian Stake Hackers. The patients of Yale-New Haven Health are still unable to get cancer care after the breaching of the software.

The infosec experts came up together to mourn about Daniel Kaminsky, a renowned researcher and a passionate security advocate. He died last Friday.

The FBI, along with the Department of Homeland Security and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, released a joint advisory. It is also a warning about the continuing threat from the Russian cyber attackers.

Russian Foreign Intelligence service hackers- APT29, the Dukes, Yttrium, and CozyBear, posed a threat to the USA. Recently Russian actors are being targeted by several federal agencies through management software updates.

Several hospitals and senior care centers of Queensland are facing the impact of the ransomware attack. According to the report, the internal IT system is being the target. It is also forcing the UCQ hospitals and nursing facilities to work with paper-based operations.

For the necessary areas, the manual backup process is now taking place. It is also ensuring the continuity of most of the services. In case the problems with the manual process implementation, the services are getting redirected or rescheduled.

A cyberattack on a vendor for Yale-New Haven health is still affecting cancer patients. The Radiation treatment software company Elekta came with an announcement about the breach. It is impacting at least 170 hospitals and health systems in the country.

Kaminsky is a researcher who alerted the Department of Homeland security and tech executives about a flaw in the Domain Name System. It also allows for the converting of the traffic manipulation. He was a proponent for privacy, security, and innovation. He publicized the clandestine attempts by Sony BMG for installing software on computers and developing telehealth tools.


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