Valley view invests in the connected health and telehealth infrastructure

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Valley view invests in the connected health and telehealth infrastructure

The Federally qualified health center has spent the FCC telemedicine grant for the technologies designed to improve patient care during pandemics.

As a federally qualified health center, Valley View Health Center’s patients are having several barriers in their healthcare. It includes transportation with limited proficiency in English. The pandemic has added this additional barrier of concerns for in-person clinic visits. Hence it is improving the telehealth infrastructure.

The pandemic has now created much opportunity to provide care with the virtual platform. But Valley View and the most FQHCs were having many limitations in services. FQHCs were unable to process the bill for most of the telehealth services. It was before the temporary rules that had some changes during the pandemic.

Learning the navigation of the process was very intensive. It seemed like a new telehealth platform and communication tool which kept popping up every day. At the start of this pandemic, Valley View started using Doximity and Doxy. 

As their platform for virtual care communication. There have been great platforms for their behavioral health team. They have integrated the platform between their medical, dental and behavioral health, and pharmacy departments.

Earlier on this pandemic, Valley View came up with the application of the awarding with $ 451400. The funds were for the upgrades in-network, laptop computers, and the remote monitoring device. Also, the award has the purpose of upgrading telecommunications infrastructure and expanding the telehealth opportunities for the pandemic.

According to Zipperer, they have used the FCC telehealth award dollars to create a better IT infrastructure. Also, they have improved the security and reduced the dropped visits for the connectivity. They are now also updating the hardware to support the providers for their synchronous video visits. Their new telehealth care delivery is successful.

It is working as a very helpful way to expand their behavioral health services to the patients in rural areas. Also, they are expanding the reach to their bilingual providers in the region of Southwest Washington.

Vital Tech is not only providing a platform for the sharing of the information of the vital track with the smart devices. Also, it offers a platform for virtual visits which display the patient’s vitals so the provider can see them during visits.

The FCC fund has allowed the purchase to connect patients with self-monitoring devices.


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