WHO, Germany launches a global pandemic and epidemic intelligence hub

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WHO, Germany launches a global pandemic and epidemic intelligence hub

The WHO Hub will lead data analytics for the innovations to predict, prevent, detect, and for the preparing to respond to public health emergencies.

The World Health Organization and Germany are opting for the establishment of a new global pandemic and epidemic intelligence hub. This dedicates to pandemic and epidemic data of intelligence, analytics innovation, and surveillance.

Based in Berlin, while working with partners around the world, this hub also has the plan to lead innovation in data analytics. They are doing it across the largest network for the global data to predict, prevent and detect preparation. This way, it is responding to the pandemic and epidemic risks all over the world.

It now intends to enable a complete, new collaboration for the countries and partners on a global scale. It is driving more innovations for the increase of the availability and the linkage of the diverse data. However, it is developing tools along with predictive models for risk analysis. Also, it will work to monitor the disease control measures while looking closely at the community acceptance and the infodemics.

WHO Hub will support the work of the public health experts and the policymakers in all countries with the insights. It will help in the rapid decision-making to prevent and respond to the future for public health emergencies.

With its work along with the global partners, the hub is now aiming to drive one scale up for the innovation. At the same time, it is also thinking about the existing forecasting along with the early warning capacities in WHO and other member states.

The hub will also look to accelerate the global collaborations across the public and in private sectors and organizations. Also, they will work with academia along with international partnering networks. They will work for the co-creating of the tools to manage and analyze the data for early warning surveillance.

The WHO Hub is part of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program. Christine Czerniak, the technical officer of the program, told how COVID-19 variants are new, highlighting the need for more genomic surveillance. Also, it requires sequencing across the world and reinforcing the importance of this collaboration.


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