Sustainable healthcare main goal of Hong Kong HA

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Hospital Authority in Hong Kong is digitizing its healthcare system. The main goal is to bring in sustainable healthcare. They are working on AI solutions.

HA continues to contribute to digitizing its healthcare. They also have one of the best clinical management systems in the world. Their vision is to get a smart hospital. Hospital Authority also aims to bring in sustainable healthcare. The HA also says that they will take the digital transformation journey further.

Dr. Joanna Pang is the CMIO of the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong. She presented a presentation. The presentation focused on sustainable healthcare and digital health in Hong Kong. She also told about HA Strategic plan 2022-2027. The plan will provide a new service model and technology.

HA also incorporated HIMSS to help achieve its goal of sustainable healthcare. The DGI model became the first one to access the positives and negatives of HA Hong Kong. HA got a score of 358 points out of 400 in the assessment from DHI. The score is quite high.

The measure of the assessment helped the HA in many ways. They consolidated and rearranged the data across their systems. They also arranged a better platform for their teams as well as providers. The assessment also made the HA get all its 43 hospitals for stage 6 EMRAM.

Dr. Pang said that getting solutions from AI is not a difficult task. But how you work towards and operate it is. The data should get proper analysis. There should be proper identification of all the negatives. Then, we should try to develop AI solutions for it.

HA also has a sort of team for achieving some of its AI-related goals. HA in Hong Kong also partners with many local, regional, and international communities. They aim to exchange and develop ideas for healthcare AI projects.

There are many healthcare projects under the belt of HA. One of the projects is for chest x-ray reports. The same project was again updated to find abnormal findings. The third AI solution helps to identify positive Hepatitis B reports. These tools have been very influential so far.


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